Eleventeen Eston - At The Water


Style: Grotesque Dreams

Format: LP

Year: 2018

Condition: M/M


Under the tree – In The Cave – At The Water, there’s where you’ll find Eleventeen Eston; sa- vouring the shade since his 2014 debut LP ‘Delta Horizon’ turned the spotlight his way. Taking shelter in the subterranean, the Perth musician has found a sound saturated with entheoge- nic splendour, growing something gorgeous from the grotesque. Finding a natural home on Hamburg’s Growing Bin, Eston emerges into the daylight with a dreamy LP.

The vision quest begins with ‚C in Sympathy‘, a freefall into the perverse beauty of the Domus Aurea, brought to life with E2-E4 electronics, chorus pedal shimmer and muted bass. Leaving the grasslands we dip a toe in the water with the hypnotic ripples of ‚2 d‘Or (Cab Chassis)‘, a Carl-Craig-goes-New-Age number which fuses the electronic and acoustic to perfection. De- licate piano, crystalline synth tones and tape-saturated emotion lend their cinematic charm to ‚East Perth Stories (Closing Titles)‘ before the propulsive bass and soft focus groove of ‚The Four Fountains‘ hits you with the heat haze. Eston takes another tapey diversion on the sci-fi synthscape ‚I Remember‘, while the coastal cool of ‚Thread & Truth‘ picks up the wavy white funk baton from Spike.

The B-side brings more beauty as the drifting and dreamy ambience of ‚I Float, I Am Free‘ gives way to the Windham Hill guitar licks, snaking bass and billowing textures of ‚A Squall, 1988‘, offering a welcome echo of the wonder of Wilson Tanner. ‚Where There Is Rain‘ sees Eston tune the Ute radio to 96FM Perth, marrying cascading keys, evocative vocal samples and lush guitar with a solid 80s pop beat, before he slows the pace for ‚Sand Man‘ a skewed and stoned bit of beach funk that‘s perfect for seduction. We part ways with the panoramic ‚Dory On Swan‘, a se- rene soundtrack to lapping waves and magic caves. Always in season, Growing Bin do it again. (Patrick Ryder)



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