Moon B - Lifeworld


Style: The Adventurous World Of Synth Funk

Format: LP

Year: 2015

Condition: M/M


Worldmusic-spiced Synth Funk meets Ketamine Boogie!

Growing Bin Records is incredibly happy to bring you the vinyl edition* of Moon B‘s Lifeworld - previously released on tape by the Vancouver based label 1080p
"Chopped, grainy subcontinental film aural motifs paired with other slankness on Moon B’s latest. After a brief pause since his PPU releases, Wes Gray returns with a remapped take on his distinctly dusty and groovy sample-focused synth funk.

Gray has worked towards his particular sweet spot of retrofuturism, and Lifeworld’s segues between antiquity and contemporary g-funk benefit from extremely rich, filmic moods and a general knack for basking in warmth and sincerity rather than obscurity." (Richard MacFarlane 1080p)




*Wes was so kind to give us a killer bonus track - Moments in Slank.

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